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Get Zinedine Zidane's Mid Icon Card Before The FUT 23 SBC Expires!

time 2023-02-17 10:57

Rely on the U7BuyStore for fast and cheap FUT 23 coins and you won't be sorry! Icon cards as rewards are possible thanks to FUT 23 Squad Building Challenges. Unlike other SBCs, the ones that yield Icon cards are harder to complete. They have more teams and requirements. It is all worth it because you get an Icon card in the end. Icon cards are among the best FUT 23 items. One of the recent Icon SBCs features Zinedine Zidane. If you want to complete his SBC fast, buy FUT 23 coins from the U7BuyStore now!

How to Complete Zinedine Zidane's FUT 23 Squad Building Challenge

OVR: 94.
Position: Center Attacking Midfielder.
Stats: 82 pacing, 90 shooting, 93 passing, 92 dribbling, 72 defending, 83 physical.
This Mid Icon item depicts the player in a certain moment of his career. The SBC requirements reflect several stages as he was playing with different teams. Let's go over the teams.
Born Legend: 11 Rare Bronze players.
Rising Star: 11 Rare Silver players.
A Genius in Turin: one or more Juventus footballers, 84 team OVR.
El Zizou Galactico: one or more Real Madrid footballers, 85 team OVR.
Top Notch: one FUT 23 Champion or a Team of the Week card, 85 team OVR.
French National Treasure: one or more French players, 86 team OVR.
League Finesse: one or more players from Serie A TIM clubs, 86 team OVR.
League Legend: one or more LaLiga Santander footballers, one Team of the Week or FUT 23 Champion card, 86 team OVR.
The last four teams can have any player from any team, nationality, or league. As long as the rating requirement is met, you are good. As always, don't forget that each team requires 11 players.
87 Squad: 87 team OVR.
88 Squad: 88 team OVR. You need two 88 Squads so make sure to duplicate this requirement.
89 Squad: 89 team OVR.

You can quickly assemble the loan variant of this SBC with at least one French player and 83 team OVR. That way, you obtain the card and you can use it in five games. This is a fast method to secure a good midfielder if you want to win some games and reap fast rewards. It's also a good opportunity to test the card if you are not yet convinced of its capabilities. Don't dally because this SBC expires a few days into February.

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