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FUT 23 - 'Shapeshifters' Lionel Messi a Monster Card!

time 2023-01-13 10:41

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Though FUT 23 is the latest game of the franchise, many players are still sticking with FUT 22 due to their hard-work put into creating their very own UT squad in-game.

If you’re one of the FUT 22 loyalists, you probably would want to recruit the best players into your own star-studded line-up today.

Well, let’s recap one of the most phenomenal UT player cards available from the Transfer Market right now – Lionel Messi’s 99-Rated ‘Shapeshifters’ Player Card!

This spectacular card boasts a few unbeatable stats for Messi, justifying his legendary status in real life:

(CF) Lionel Messi’s ‘Shapeshifter’ Player Card: OVR 99 (+6)

Dribbling: 99 (+4)
Passing: 99 (+8)
Shooting: 98 (+6)
Pace: 95 (+10)
Physicality: 78 (+13)
Defending: 42 (+8)

Messi’s ‘Shapeshifters’ upgrade has his dribbling and passing abilities cranked to the max, making him a feared attacker to go up against.

Not only that, Messi has 5-Star Skills and a 4-Star Weak Foot as well, letting you use as many skills as you want with the Argentinian magician before surprising opposition goalkeepers with a right-footed shot, supposedly Messi’s weaker foot!

Being a dominant left-footer, Messi has a High Attacking Work Rate that explains his incredible offensive mentality, always ready for the counter-attack once your team is out of defence.

Messi’s ‘Shapeshifters’ variant also boasts astonishing traits:

One Club Player
Outside Foot Shot
Finesse Shot
Technical Dribbler (CPU AI)
Chip Shot (CPU AI)
Playmaker (CPU AI)
Long Shot Taker (CPU AI)

Understandably, this version of Messi will not come cheap, costing around:

PS: 2,199,000 FUT Coins
Xbox: 2,198,000 FUT Coins
PC: 2,851,000 FUT Coins

Nevertheless, if you have enough FUT Coins to buy him, Messi is totally worth the grind and purchase!

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