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Don's Miss Gary Medel's Ultimate Scream FUT 23 Flashback Item!

time 2022-11-18 15:23

The U7BuyStore is open 24/7 so you can find FUT 23 coins for sale whenever you want! FUT 23 Flashback Squad Building Challenges give us the opportunity to obtain cards from past promos. Such is the case with this SBC that rewards Gary Medel's Ultimate Scream card from FUT 20. Ultimate Scream was the Halloween event. In the past two years, this event was retired and another campaign took its place. However, we can still get some of the most popular Ultimate Scream cards thanks to SBCs like this one. If you need more FUT 23 coins, the U7BuyStore is here for you!

Gary Medel Ultimate Scream FUT 23 Flashback SBC Requirements

The card we get as a reward has 86 OVR with 78 pacing, 68 shooting, 82 passing, 78 dribbling, 85 defending, and 87 physical. Its position is Center Defending Midfielder. To get it, we need to complete three teams of 11 players each. A pack containing players is obtained after completing each team.

Serie A: one or more players from a Serie A TIM club, two or more items with 84+ OVR, 82+ team rating.
Top Form: one or more In-Form items, 83+ team rating.
84 OVR Team: one or more players with 85+ OVR, one or more players with 86+ OVR, 84+ team rating.

If you are looking for more awesome cards, don't miss Lewandowski's Player of the Month item. He is the LaLiga POTM for October. Two teams are needed for his card.

LaLiga: one or more footballers from a LiLiga team, 86+ team rating.
88 OVR Team: 88+ team rating.

We also have a Premium Squad Building Challenge that honors the freshly retired striker Gonzalo Higuain. The Argentinian player ended his senior career in 2022. He started playing in 2005 for River Plate. He was also with Real Madrid, Napoli, Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, and Inter Miami. Gonzalo represented his national Argentinian team between 2009-2018. To complete his SBC we need 11 players out of which at least one must be from Argentina and the team rating has to have at least 85 OVR. The reward card has 87 pacing, 89 shooting, 80 passing, 85 dribbling, 34 defending, and 82 physical. It has 88 OVR. We can use it to fulfill a striker spot. Other recent SBCs include Gakpo's Eredivisie Player of the Month for October and Icon Samuel Eto'o. Both SBCs are available for a month.

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