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The Frank Rijkaard FUT 23 Icon Squad Building Challenge Has Begun

time 2022-11-10 16:32

Did you have a chance to look at the FUT coins PS4 offer on the U7BuyStore? A new FUT 23 Icon Squad Building Challenge is available. This activity allows us to earn a mid Icon card that represents Frank Rijkaard. Getting the card is not easy. You need to assemble six teams. It's possible you might need to visit the transfer market. Buy FUT 23 coins from the U7BuyStore and you will have plenty to get the items you need!

FUT 23 Frank Rijkaard Icon Squad Building Challenge Requirements

Let's see the prize first.
OVR: 88.
Position: Center Back.
Stats: 78 pacing, 73 shooting, 79 passing, 78 dribbling, 88 defending, 85 physical.
In 1980, Rijkaard made the transfer from the youth Ajax team to the senior team marking the start of his professional career. After seven seasons with Ajax, he moved to Sporting CP. In 1988, he joined AC Milan. In 1993, he returned to Ajax and spent his last two seasons with his first team. Rijkaard represented the Netherlands national team from 1981 until 1994. After retiring from playing, he embarked on a career as a manager. Since 2013, he renounced the manager position and he is enjoying time with the family.

You can get a loan version of this card by completing a quick SBC. You will need a team of 11 players out of which at least one is a Dutch player, at least three have Gold level, and the player level is at least Silver. The loan card works for five games. If you want to keep the card in your collection, you need to complete the proper SBC. Six teams are needed. As usual, each team requires 11 items.

Born Legend: all items have to be Rare and have Bronze level.
Rising Star: all items have to be Rare and have Silver level.
Rossoneri: at least one player from AC Milan, at least one In-Form or FUT 23 Champions item, 83 team rating.
Clockwork Orange: at least one Dutch footballer, at least one In-Form or FUT 23 Champions item, 84 team rating.
League Legend: at least one player from a Serie A club, 85 team rating.
Top-Notch: at least one In-Form or FUT 23 Champions item, 86 team rating.

There are many teams to assemble, but you have plenty of time. This SBC expires at the end of November. Each time you complete a team, you are rewarded with a pack.

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