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The Musqueam Culture Comes To FUT 23

time 2022-10-14 16:54

Buy FUT 23 coins at unmatched prices only on U7BuyStore! FUT 23 is all about new things. From new player items, new activities, and the chemistry system revamp, this year's game opens up new adventures on the digital football field. One of the most recent additions brings the Musqueam culture into the game. We will have a new pitch, customization elements, and more. Check out U7BuyStore for FUT 23 coins and be on top of your game every day!

Musqueam Volta Pitch, FUT 23 kits, and Stadium Customization Are Available
Starting on September 30th, or three days earlier if you are among those who have early access to the game, you will be able to play on a new field and use unique FUT 23 customization. A Musqueam-inspired pitch joins the Volta mode. As we all know, this mode takes another approach to the game of football. In Volta, we leave the big arenas and important leagues behind and discover small-sided matches. Make no mistake, the players have equal talent and skill. Some of the world's best footballers have started playing this way. This year's Volta mode takes us on a trip to the Musqueam Indian Reserve. The Musqueam football field is now in the game. The real arena was opened in 2012. Since then, it has been a place where Indigenous footballers and amateurs come together to enjoy matches. Now, we have the opportunity to do so in Volta mode. This collaboration brings Musqueam cultural features into the game. In addition to the pitch, we will also see a traditional longhouse and art forms from Musqueam artists such as designers, carvers, and weavers. They have created kits and apparel for the FUT 23 and Volta modes. The Musqueam culture also comes to your stadium. Several customization options will be available for your home arena. The native artist Cole Sparrow-Crawford has designed apparel for the game. This is based on his Holy Name brand. Artists Chase Gray and Kelly Cannell are responsible for the home collection. Gray has also created the goalkeeper kit. The away kit is the work of Kamryn Sparrow. These are just a few of the 11 Musqueam artists who have collaborated with the game team. The Musqueam are a small community of about 1,500 people who live near the Fraser River. The name is taken from a plant that grows in this area. The community is devoted to living according to their traditions and culture.

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