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FUT 23 Welcomes Its First Virtual Club, AFC Richmond

time 2022-09-30 10:00

Buy cheap FUT 23 coins from U7BuyStore, a trusted coin seller with cheap prices and excellent services! AFC Richmond is the newest FUT 23 addition. Even though the majority of the player base is a football fan, chances are they've never heard about this club before. Why? Simple, AFC Richmond does not exist. In real-life that is. AFC Richmond is a fictional soccer club featured in the Ted Lasso TV series. There is nothing fictional about the FUT 23 coins prices from U7BuyStore.

Will You Let Coach Lasso Manage Your Team?

The eponymous star of the show, Ted Lasso, and the other characters join FUT 23 as playable items. In Career mode, you will have the option to select Lasso as a playable manager. Considering that the man comes from American football, you might not want to. If you've seen the show, you should know that Lasso is a determined coach who will stop at nothing to motivate the players. Even if he doesn't know much about soccer. Coach Beard will be in the game as well. The entire AFC Richmond squad joins the FUT 23 collection. You can have Sam Obisanya, Jamie Tartt, and other players join forces with your favorite nonfictional footballers. Nelson Road, the home stadium of AFC Richmond will be in the game as an arena. If you think you can do better than Lasso, you can manage the club in Career mode. You can play with them in the Premier League, the league the club plays in in the show, or in any other available league in Career mode. The team will also be part of the selection for other game modes such as Kick-Off, online seasons, and friendlies. Players have the option to select Nelson Road as a playable stadium. The FUT 23 AFC Richmond customization includes kits, TIFO, and more. You can have Lasso or Coach Beard take care of your club if you want. All the content of this fictional team comes alive with objectives and challenges. This is the first time in the game's history when a made-up team is available. Some players are happy with the addition. Others think that AFC Richmond has no place in a game that's all about realism. Ted Lasso is actually quite a good TV series. You might want to give it a try if you haven't watched it already. It's a sports comedy with a bit of drama.

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