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The Accelerate Player Archetype System Debuts In FUT 23

time 2022-09-23 16:30

Cheap FUT coins and safe transactions are waiting for you at U7buystore! The Accelerate system is one of the new FUT 23 gameplay systems. It is related to player movement. This new feature introduces player archetypes. The idea is to emphasize the player's personality when it comes to acceleration. The system aims to make the different footballer types eligible in the new game. Visit U7buystore if you need to buy FUT 23 coins!

How Accelerate Works in FUT 23
In an attempt to make FUT 23 even more realistic, the team has come up with the Accelerate design. It is based on real-life differences between athletes. Even though footballers may have comparable speeds, their movement on the field is not the same. The Accelerate system has three types: controlled, explosive, and lengthy. Most footballers will be in the controlled category. This means that their acceleration is uniform. Son Heung-min is one example of a controlled type. Explosive players are those who are shorter. They have good agility that gives them the ability to cover short distances faster. They can leave the opponent behind. The drawback is that their speed slows down after the acceleration burst. These footballers have a quick start but their acceleration slows down after a while. Vinícius Jr. will have the explosive label in FUT 23. The third type, lengthy, is for strong and tall players. As you would expect, it takes a bit of time for them to get moving. However, once they do they have great speed. They can catch up with others and even outrun them if the distance allows them. Virgil Van Dijk is one of the footballers in this category. Explosive footballers excel on short distances. Lengthy players are better in the long run. Players get their Accelerate type depending on their strength, height, and agility attributes. The acceleration type is calculated before the start of the game. It's not a constant value. Stat modifiers such as chemistry and morale may affect it. Attribute changes that take place after the beginning of the match don't have an impact on it. Explosive players have at least 65 agility, 70 acceleration, height below 1,80m, and the difference between agility and strength must be at least 15. Lengthy players have at least 65 agility, 50 acceleration, height above 1,74m, and the difference between agility and strength must be at least 15. Players that don't meet these criteria fall into the controlled category. The general speed of a player remains bound to the acceleration and sprint speed attributes.

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